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Collection: Photographs

Subject:A pneumatic railcar at the Postal Museum Store. Constructed for the Pneumatic Despatch Company, this company also constructed the 600 yard long tubular line running from Euston to the North West District Office (and future extensions) in which this car was used. The rail car was used for transport of mails between the Arrival Parcels Office at the Euston Station of the London and North Western Railway (beneath platform one) and the North West District Post Office in Eversholt Street, London. The rail cars ran on 24 inch gauge rails in metal tubes. Suction (vacuum) or pressure (blowing) power was achieved from a 30 horse power engine with attached fan. Thirteen journeys a day were made and transport by this means took place between 1863 and October 1866.

IMS Reference: 9487120458

Pneumatic railway car

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